September 9, 2010

Scatter Brained Brent... As Always

Well, I had just written a post all about how we have divine identity because we are children of God. Since we are sons and daughters of God, and He is a king, we will one day be kings and queens.
So, I know that what I was talking about was super important and probably something that someone NEEDED to hear... I know this because right as I went to post it, it disappeared! I was so not happy. And the fact that i got really discouraged about writing it again I knew even more so that Satan was giving me those feelings so that i wouldn't want to rewrite it. I hate him... I hate Satan SOOO much.

I know that I will never have discouraging or down or sad feelings from my Heavenly Father, Satan is the only one that works that way.
Now that I am writing about this stuff I feel like this is why I actually wrote that blog yesterday, not because someone really needed to know about their divine identity, but actually the love of their Heavenly Father and the fact that Heavenly Father will never give you negative thoughts.

It's like when people are investigating the Mormon church for example... They feel so good when they read the scriptures, or when they go to church, or when the missionaries are over. But as soon as they are alone they have doubtful or negative thoughts. Those negative thoughts will NEVER come from God. Read about it in, Moroni 7

It makes me so sad when people let Satan discourage them. The Mormon church never asks you do to anything against the will of God. This church only asks you to do things that uplift and edify one another. Even those who don't like our church even say, "I like what you do for the young people and what you teach, but it's just not for me." I hate that!!! It's only not for them because they don't want to sacrifice things of the world like alcohol and cigarettes.

I guess the point of this blog post is that The Church is True and that our Heavenly Father really talks to us and loves us and wants what's best for us. Don't ever forget that! Remember that God is real, God is love, God is our literal Father in Heaven. How awesome is that!?!?!

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