The Darndest Things

As missionaries we get to eat at the Congregation Members' homes quite a bit.  :) Some areas are definitely better at feeding us than others and right now, in Fairport NY (nicknamed by the missionaries as "fatport") my companion and I are in one of those totally awesome areas.

Last night we were eating at the McDonald's home and after dinner, while we were playing a game, 3-year-old Mikey went to his mom and said, with a little whimper, "Mommy, my tummy hurts." Sister McDonald ('sister' and 'brother' are how we address other members of the congregation) didn't even get out two sympathetic words before Mikey let out a good Toot and was smiling and wanting to play again. Kids are totally awesome!! They make me laugh so hard!

After, we were laughing at how I thought it was so funny that Mikey did that, but i freak out when I hear adults do it. The Elders (male Mormon missionaries) tried using the scripture 3 Nephi 11:38 saying that they must too "be as... little [Mikey]" to justify it being OK to fart. I had to disagree...