September 11, 2010

Journal of Your Own

Oh my goodness!!! I have come to the realization that I am not writing about the experiences that I have just for me, I am writing for my future children and grand kids to read! I realized that when I was reading in the Book of Mormon a while ago, but I never REALLY thought about what that meant. But it's so important, just like Nephi did, to write about our experiences. 1 Nephi 1:1-3 We have to be willing to take the time today to keep records so that others can be blessed later. At least we don't have to print like they used to, type by type.

The Book of Mormon is a "journal" kept by prophets of old. They wrote their experiences for future generations to read. And because they knew it was important, we are blessed today. But, we can't be blessed unless we open up the book. It's like when you go house shopping. You can't just look at the front door and decide if it has what you want. You have to actually GO INSIDE!!

I wasn't ever a very good journal writer. I would write randomly at different times in my life about pointless stuff. One time I was going through a really HARD time in my life and everything I wrote was negative. I remember ripping it up later cause it wasn't the kind of stuff I wanted to remember. But now a days I write things that I WANT to remember and I write things that might benefit my future posterity. I write about experiences that make me happy, some that annoy me lol, but mostly things that help me grow.

And I just started a separate journal that isn't just about life, but about spiritual experiences that help me to see the Lord's hand in my life. I hope that one day it can be a good thing for one or even all of my kids to read to help them, or even their kids.I hope they love it. I already love going back and reading about experiences I had.

So the Moral of the story... WRITE IN YOUR JOURNAL!!!

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