September 17, 2010

Praise in Public, Punish in Private

Wow! It's crazy some of the ways I see parents treat their kids these days. I was walking into Wegmans, the local and widely loved grocery store, and there was this woman who had her maybe 3 year old son by the arm and was screaming at him to stop screaming. I was so confused!!!! How is he suppose to know what the heck she's meaning if she is doing EXACTLY what she wants him to stop doing. totally doesn't make sense.

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Thank kind of behavior is learned young. It's a cycle that will probably continue on through that little boy to his kids too. It's so sad and what it develops is not what Heavenly Father would have develop... Anger.

The other day I received a public post from a friend of mine chastising me for something he thought I was doing wrong. And then I received a private email apologizing for what he said. He didn't delete his comment nor did he rebuke it. But privately he said sorry. At first I just blew it off and didn't think much of it, but as the night came I was getting a little frustrated with the situation. I was thinking about different things that I could say to him to let him know how I felt, publicly.

But as I continued to think, I wondered where these feelings were coming from. Why did I want to make him feel bad? Why did I want to do exactly what I didn't like him doing to me? Why?

Satan. Satan gives us negative feelings. Satan wants us to react negatively and to persecute those around us. Just like that mother I talked about before, Satan glories in the anger that was being shown to the young child and the anger that was building in me and probably other on-lookers toward the mother. Satan was loving the feelings that were building in me toward my friend.

We must "school thy feelings" (<-click) and control them. We are in charge of how we feel. And Heavenly Father would never want us to feel mad or angry toward someone else. We need to show love just as Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ do with us each day.

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