August 27, 2010

A Great Day for Coloring

My name is Celia Larson! I am a working LDS mom who has 2 beautiful children, Maya 4 and Jake 1, at home! I am expecting our third child in March. Being an LDS mom has lots of ups and downs! Between the playdates, teaching primary, going visiting teaching, and having family home evening its hard to get a minute to breathe! But its the great moments that you know your Heavenly Father sends you that keep you going.

 For example, yesterday I was standing at the sink doing the dishes (which I SWEAR I just washed earlier that day) when my daughter climbed right up the stool with her pencil and paper in hand. She sat down looked at me and said, " Mom isn't it a great day for coloring! The sun is shining, its hot outside! Its a great day for coloring a rainbow!" I just laughed.

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Its true the days are hot but I never would have appreciated a rainbow without her subtle reminder. Being a mom is great, but being an LDS mom is the BEST! Each of the children that the Lord sends to my home has a special spirit that my Heavenly Father knows we need in our home. I love the gospel and the knowledge that it gives me that I can be with my family forever ( even though sometime forever seems like too long!)

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