October 23, 2010

My New Direction



I'm going to be going a little different direction than what I have been going. I am going to focus each of my 'day posts'. So, this is how its all gonna go down. :)

There is going to be a theme for each day. So, when I post on that day, you'll have a specific idea to read about. Make sure to memorize what each day specializes in so that you can get your 'fix' when you need it. :)... OR, you can just look on the list to the right and click on the day you want. Either way! Just enjoy reading and LEAVING comments.

So here are the themes... If you think I should do something different, let me know! I want this to be fun for YOU to read. :) I can have fun writing about anything.

Miracle Mondays

Tuneful Tuesdays

Wondering Wednesdays

Thoughtful Thursdays

Faithful Fridays

So, Pic of the Week Saturdays

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