August 24, 2010

True Love's Kiss

The other night while talking with a friend of one of my daughter's about boys and dating, I was reminded of a story: My granddaughter, Maya, was about two at the time and had a play date over who happened to be a little boy.
Picture taken by me before the Mish!
Sometime during this play date he appeared in the kitchen, standing alone with her mother, Celia. She sweetly asked him why he wasn't playing with Maya. He replied "Maya is sleeping on the couch." Curious, Celia went to the couch and asked Maya "Why don't you want to play?" Maya opened her eyes and answered, "I'm waiting for True Love's Kiss!" :) (She was playing Sleeping Beauty and he had no clue!)

Picture by Kaethe Hartman Binder
 As our conversation continued she explained today's dating style. I began to realize that in this very technical and modern world few of the youth of today will ever know what it feels like to "wait for his call" or to receive a card in the mail saying just how much he was thinking about you. They'll never be sure if the one they are casually dating could deliver "True Love's Kiss" because they can't get past the E-Mails or Texting. But I'm here to say if you can navigate your way through group dating and technology "True Love's Kiss" is out there and it's real!! It's the kiss that gets you through the rough times, the sad times, it makes your heart skip a beat when you see his car in the driveway, it lets you know that you chose with your heart! This kiss is real and can be eternal :)

What does she mean by 'eternal'? For more information, click on the link below and read an artical from our previous Prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley.

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