August 31, 2010

Behind Closed Doors

I was talking with a few other sister missionaries yesterday about how we hate being judged, especially by other sister missionaries we work with. It kinda makes me frustrated how we have all been out of high school for at least 3 years now, some even 6 or 7 years, yet we still gossip and judge those around us as we probably did in high school. I hate it!!! I can't believe how many times lately I have said, "Man! I feel like I am in junior high again, and I hated it there!" (my junior high years are the ones that were most brutal to me)

But the thing is, everyone is fighting their own demons... Everyone has something locked behind their door that they don't want anyone to see. And at the same time they believe that everyone is judging them for that very insecurity they are trying to hide.

I've had the opportunity to meet with our Mission President, President Jack R. Christianson, because of different things and it seems like the topic 'judging in the mission' seems to come up every time. And each and EVERY TIME he tells me that there is only ONE judge in Israel and that judge is none other than Jesus the Christ. (2 Nephi 9:41) And here on the mission there is only one judge of the missionaries, and that is the mission president, NOT the other sisters.

Even though this sounds so good and should be easy to remember, sometimes it's really hard to remember. We just gotta remember, if we aren't doing anything wrong, then don't worry what other people think. Just work on what YOU think you need to work on. Focus on what's behind your closed door, not someone else's.


  1. Love it, Britney! No one knows what is going on in your heart but you and the Lord. Mormons (especially Mormon women) often seem so judgmental when we should be the most loving and accepting of people. In my own family, I am amazed at how they might be good "Mormons" but they aren't very good Christians.

    There are two lessons in your message - don't let another person's unfair judgment get you down and don't be another person's unfair judge!

    Signed, an old neighbor, Cindy

  2. corner of 250 and the 31F...
    and you were trying to see theo richardson there right?